Admission requirements


international passport, high school diploma, transcripts, recommendation letter, and one biometric photo.



International passport, high school diploma, transcripts, reference letter, English proficiency certificate, one biometric photo, and any international diploma (IB, EB, IGCSE, or GCE).


Fall and spring

Fall classes start in September.

Fall application deadline: June/July

Spring Classes Start in February

Spring application deadline: November/December.

Average Tuition

Tuition fees will be waived for EU/EEA students at all public institutions and colleges. International students from outside the EU are more likely to pay whether they attend public or private institutions. On average, the annual tuition fees range from €2,500 to €15,000.

Average Cost of Living

The cost of living in Greece is quite low and differs based on where you choose to reside, with larger cities and towns costing more. A student studying in Greece is expected to spend between €600 and €800 a month on housing, utilities, food, transportation, and other expenses. Greece's low cost of living makes it a great place to study.